Hello and welcome to our great visitors. We are grateful and glad to be here on our website. Now we’re going to teach you how to make scalloped potatoes. Let me introduce you to this Nova’s scalloped potatoes recipe, which anyone can absolutely make, and trust me, everyone would love it unless they don’t like potatoes, but that’s another story.


In the first step, we’re going to be using four medium-sized potatoes. Then slice the potatoes and make sure they’re even. After chopping the potatoes, add them to salt water to avoid decolorizing, and they will stay fresh longer. Next, we’re going to thinly slice the onion. Once your pan is heated, add a stick of butter and let it melt. Don’t forget to add one tablespoon of flour, and keep stirring it to stir in two cups of milk. Keep stirring the sauce to avoid lumps, and simmer for a few minutes.

Once the milk is spiced up with your favorite herbs, you should be using salt, organic basil, parsley, and pepper. It’s better to add a lot of my spices, so it will add a lot of flavor to your potatoes. When your sauce is done, add your potatoes to the sauce and combine them. So this is how it looks, now after it’s all combined, and you’re also going to add in some chilli flakes to top it up.

so now it’s time to assemble it, we need to add the potatoes first with the sauce and then some onions, and butter so the first layer is going to be the potatoes covered in sauce and some butter. The butter is optional. You can choose to add cheese. It’s time to. Finally, we’re going to add another layer on top of them. What you have to do is wrap it in foil wrap, and close it tightly,

so the steam will escape, and now it’s time to pop it into the preheated oven for about 30 minutes as you can see it’s finally done, so after baking it for 30 minutes in the oven, take the foil wrap out and bake it for another 15 to 20 minutes, so as you can see the potatoes are very tender look at how creamy and delicious looks.

If the potatoes aren’t cooked very well and properly, they will have a slightly crunchy or light texture, before adding your potatoes to the casserole, you should make sure to drain your potatoes nicely and pat them, fortified potatoes are usually reserved for those special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas or even Easter, Thank you so much for reading. This recipe is delicious and perfect. We hope you enjoyed the recipe. We’ll be happy and glad if you give these creamy scalloped potatoes a try at home and share it with your family and best friends.


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