Creamy Spinach PastaCreamy Spinach Pasta

We welcome our nice visitors to our humble website. We’re going to be teaching you how to make this creamy and delicious spinach pasta. This perfect recipe is so simple and easy, and, it’s packed with flavor. Now let’s get to the recipe :


Firstly, you’re going to prepare the white sauce, so in a pan, add some oil or butter, and you’re going to add 1 full cup of chopped garlic, which is around 8 cloves. Let the garlic cook for a while on medium heat, then add 3 tablespoons of flour and cook for another few minutes. Make sure you mix it continuously. Pour in two and a half cups of milk, and stir them constantly. You need to add the milk in batches so the mixture can mix well and not form any lumps.

Now, add a bowl of spinach and mix everything together. Usually, kids don’t like eating spinach by itself, but if you add it to this pasta, they will love it. While we’re making the white sauce, we can also prepare the pasta. Boil some water in a large pan and add some olive oil and salt to it. Don’t forget to use 350 grams of pasta. You can use any shape you want and simply drop it into the boiling water. It’s very important to add salt and oil before, so the pasta can absorb the flavors in them and your pasta won’t be bland.

You need to add around two spoons of water to your white sauce, so you’re just using the water from the pasta, and you can adjust this water according to the consistency that you like. You’re also adding some salt. Next, add some pepper, then sprinkle in some chilli flakes, and lastly, some oregano. You can adjust these spices according to your taste. If you would like a portion of more creamy pasta, add less water.

If you want less creamy pasta, add more water. The creamy sauce is ready, so to check if it’s really ready or not is to just put your spatula inside, and if you can get a clean line, then it’s ready. If not, just boil it for a few more minutes, the pasta is also cooked; it should be good.

Next, add your prepared pasta to the white sauce, and make sure you drain all the water out before adding the pasta in mix everything properly, so the white sauce covers the pasta to top it all off, now you’re going to add a little cheese you can also add more if you like, and the creamy white sauce pasta is all ready, now you can serve it into a bowl if you want a little bit more flavor you can sprinkle some chili flakes onto the pasta and enjoy

the creamy spinach pasta is ready, you can enjoy it with your family and best friends. We’re sure it will turn out delicious, and it’s so simple to make, so just try it at home and see how it turns out. We hope you, ladies and gentlemen, liked this spinach pasta. We are grateful for your reading our perfect recipe. Thank you very much.


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