Hello, ladies and gentlemen, We are grateful for being here on your website. Thank you for reading and following our recipes. We’re going to teach you how you can make this delicious “crispy cauliflower rice.” We hope you’re going to love it and give it a try at home.


In the first step, you’re going to wash and dry the cauliflower and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Now you’re going to add the ginger garlic paste for some taste, You’re also going to add a spoonful of salt and some all-purpose flour, and corn flour. Now for the spices, add turmeric powder, chili powder, and coriander powder and toss them in altogether, so all the cauliflower is nicely tossed in together.

You can already see the color difference. When it’s all mixed in properly, you’re going to fry them in a pan, and you should heat some oil up. Next, add in your prepared cauliflower, and slowly mix it in. Don’t forget to keep frying it until it’s nice and crunchy, You’re adding in another spoon of salt and keeping mixing it. Now we have your crispy cauliflower all done.

You should heat up some oil in the same pan and then add some chopped onions and green chilies. Mix everything together until it’s nice and golden, and on the side, prepare some rice in a rice cooker. You can just eat it because it’s so good. Take your time. Once the onions are nice and golden, add some tomato sauce, chilli powder, and salt. Then mix it in altogether. You’re adding more tomato sauce for the taste.

Now it’s time to add the rice, and it’s really important to mix it, so you have some spiced rice, or else, you’re going to be eating plain rice, so dig in deep and mix it in properly. You’re also going to enhance this by adding some pepper. There’s only one thing left to do, add in the cauliflower and mix it in altogether. At this moment, you have your cauliflower rice all done. You just need to mix it in and make sure at the end you check the taste.

Then, if needed, add some extra salt, chili powder, or tomato sauce. You’re going to serve this yummy-looking crispy cauliflower rice in a bowl, and you’re going to enjoy it. This cauliflower rice tastes so delicious and the texture is really, really similar to rice. We know you’re going to love this perfectly crispy cauliflower rice. This is such a good, lower-carb solution. We hope you, our nice visitors, like this “CRISPY CAULIFLOWER RICE”. Make sure to give us a big thumbs up and be an honest follower of our website, we appreciate your joining and have a nice meal.

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