The Best WafflesThe Best Waffles

How to make delicious homemade dishes to share with your family and friends These waffles will be fine and ready before you know it.


Get the waffle iron out and start preheating it. The batter comes together quickly. We’re going to melt one-half of a cup or 113 grams of butter in a small dish. You should use a liquid measuring cup. Make it all in the microwave.


Melt your butter, it’s time for the dry ingredients. We’re using two and a quarter cups of all-purpose flour. And if you’re weighing it out, that’s 270 grams. The best part about this recipe is that you can freeze it for later.


So, when you eat about half of the waffles with your family, you can freeze the rest. Just pop them into the toaster in the morning, and you have an instant treat. three-quarters of a teaspoon of salt. one tablespoon of baking powder. We’re going to whisk this up and set it aside. Don’t forget the sugar.
We’re using a quarter of a cup or 50 grams of granulated sugar for these waffles. and be ready to set it aside. In a medium bowl, we add two large eggs. These are room temperature, but that’s not a must for this recipe. Room temperature is always best.


Two teaspoons of nice vanilla. adds so much to the waffle. We’re going to add the melted butter and whisk it together. and you will have two cups of whole milk. Whisk the milk in.
Add the wet to the dry. So let’s pour that in. Whisk until it’s just combined. You don’t want to over-mix your batter.


When your waffle iron is preheated, you’re ready to go. Mine has a timer with settings.
So, you have it just on medium as you want and you have to add about a third of a cup of batter to each waffle. It totally depends about how is your type of waffle maker (check the instructions).
If you have a large Belgian-style waffle maker, it’s gonna be much more batter.
The first is in.

Click it closed until all the batter is done. Right now getting a ton of delicious steam coming from your waffles. your waffles iron tells us when they’re done by beeping, but if yours doesn’t have a timer, you should take a look at the steam. When the steam dissipates, it’s probably time to check your waffle.
To get waffles that stay crisp, get a cooling rack out.

You don’t want to have them all piled together on a plate because they’ll release steam and they’ll soften up, so let them cool on a wire rack. For now, your Waffles are done. Perfectly golden, nice, and crisp. Don’t be afraid to let your waffle iron heat up between waffles because the enemy of a crisp waffle is a warm waffle iron. You want it screaming hot. That’s how you get a crisp, delicious waffle. The last waffles are done.

It’s time to enjoy You can pour these with maple syrup, butter, honey, jam, and the works.
If you have extra leftover waffles, remember to pop them into a plastic bag and freeze them. They’re good for a month or two. And all you need to do is pop them into a toaster and enjoy.

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